Gabi Sklar Drops New EP ‘Heartbreak In Heaven’

GABI SKLAR, the dynamic and soulful singer-songwriter released her first EP, « Heartbreak in Heaven » through GRAMMY Award-winning multi-platinum producer Tommy Brown’s label Champagne Therapy Music Group.

This debut EP includes a breathtaking collection of songs that showcase her unique blend of heartfelt lyrics, mesmerizing voice, and alluring melodies. Gabi has worked with CTMG collaborators Anton Göransson, Isabella Sjöstrand, and Leather Jacket as well as outside collaborators Njomza, and Lara Andersson. The EP is available on all digital platforms.

The EP starts with « BACK TO EARTH, » an evocative ballad about lost love and longing. The moving lyrics « You’re floating away. Up and away, Maybe one day, I’ll bring you back to earth » express the pain of a love that has slipped away. For « GROWN MAN CRY », Gabi addresses the theme of emotional vulnerability in men and confronts societal norms with compelling lyrics like, « Grown men cry. Cry me a river so I’ll stop holding on, » highlighting the importance of emotional openness and honesty.

Following the mystical piece, Sklar delivers a tender ballad « BOYFRIEND POTENTIAL » that explores the complexities of new love. The chorus « I get sentimental, you are somethin’ special, thinkin’ you might be, Boyfriend potential, » beautifully captures the delicate hope and vulnerability of exploring a potential romantic connection. The already-released, pre-single, « LONELY TIMES » showcases Sklar’s bonafide songwriting skills matched with her vocal ability that sets the tone for the body of work.

Concluding the extended play is the previously released, « YOUNIVERSE, » an exploration of dissonance in a relationship where emotional needs are unaligned. This track resonates with its honest portrayal of relationship dynamics and the quest for self-love after letting a loved one go. The thought-provoking self-titled focus track and introspective masterpiece, « HEARTBREAK IN HEAVEN, » ponders the existence of sorrow in the afterlife while contemplating whether there is « heartbreak in heaven or healing in hell ». This piece dives deep into the enigma of human emotion and the unknown.




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