Interview: Jackie Minton

Can you tell us about your latest music video? What inspired it, and what can your fans expect from it?

The “For Giving” music video was the fruit of my friendship with director Anton Weidner. He and his team at Silver Lantern Studios dreamed with me about what a visual would look like for this song. We stayed true to the track’s playful production, while exploring the lyrics underlying claim, “Your heart was meant for giving away.” It was a pleasure to work with them and I enjoyed every minute of getting to pretend to live in a fairytale world. You can watch the video for yourself right here.

Songwriting can be a cathartic process. What emotions or messages do you hope your music conveys to listeners?

It’s true. I find myself working through all sorts of emotions and experiences when I write. No matter what I write about, I consider a song successful if the person listening to it finds some peace or hope along the way. 

How has your musical style evolved over the years, and what do you hope to convey through your music now compared to when you first started your career?

When I first began writing, I always started at the guitar. Over the last decade, I’ve gravitated to the piano. My music has branched from acoustic to electric production, but it has remained singer-songwriter at heart. 

Many fans look up to their favorite artists as role models. What advice do you have for aspiring musicians who hope to make a name for themselves in the music industry?

There is only one you. Don’t try to be anyone else. Bring your heart, your hands, your dreams, and your experiences to the table. Your authenticity in the process will bless others. 

In the age of streaming and digital platforms, how do you navigate the challenges of making a living as a recording artist, and what advice would you give to aspiring musicians trying to break into the industry?

It is a challenge. My advice to aspiring artists is be ready to serve. Find where your gifts are needed and offer them. That will unlock doors you didn’t even know existed. 

Your image and style often become part of your brand as an artist. How do you approach your personal image and fashion choices to express yourself and connect with your fans?

Honestly, I thrift a lot of my clothing or wear passed down family heirlooms. I enjoy finding something old and giving it new life. I have also tried to simplify my digital presence, by primarily posting photos in black and white on social media. My life is very colorful, but I have found this little action has allowed me to share more without worrying about the filter.

The future is always uncertain, but what are your long-term goals and aspirations as a recording artist, and what can your fans expect from you in the coming years?

The journey has never gone as I pictured, so I won’t promise anything too far into the future, but I can share that I am working on an album that I hope to release before the end of 2024. To keep in touch, you can follow the journey and join my “Little Letters Community” at




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